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Terms Hazanda service will help you identify a music track, or other media information from the Internet. To register you need to specify an email. Your contact information and password are not subject to disclosure. Any optional information such as: social network profile, location - is indicated only on request and will be visible to all. We are not welcome strongly and do not allow:
  • Create an application with the spam or dissemination of any advertising
  • Post links and materials contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation: propaganda of violence, racial hatred, pornography and so on
  • Disclose confidential information of individuals, legal entities, closed state. institutions and other organizations, as well as provide access to these materials
How to use
Leave the ticket
Any user can request that experienced experts will handle in the future. To do this, go to the service, use the "Create ticket". If suddenly you have not had time to register on our site, use the "Fast ticket" (application account and there will be created, all the data will go in letter to your e-mail). Go to home page service, form an ticket, attach the audio file, link or description.
Check your question
The question should be clear and specific. Stating it as much detail. The more information you give, the easier it will be to work with our experts, and the probability of obtaining the correct answer will increase. After a detailed description of your question please be a little patience and wait. Do not try to duplicate your ticket, it can bring to the suspension of your account. While you are waiting, you can see other applications and help other users, independent of the type of your account.
Talk each other and post information
Community members on the Hazanda is pure user-friendly. Rudeness and insults against other users or moderators punishable ban!
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